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As a Life Extension Europe partner you will be able to offer leading brands within food supplements, powered by science and documentation. Want to expand your audience, increase your sales, and become a destination store for some of the most well-respected brands in the industry with us?

Focus on quality and science

For almost 25 years, Life Extension Europe has been distributing the leading brands within nutrition in Europe.

We are not only distributing, we are the exclusive partner in Europe for two of the strongest brands within nutrition, which makes us very proud but also gives us strong competitive benefits as we are able to adjust products to match the EU market and regulations. We have a direct access and insights to the science behind the products and ingredients, the latest product launches, health trends and technologies.

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Our Partner Concept gives you competitive benefits

We offer our partners the best terms and conditions for growing your business, together with us.

Best In Class

Best In Class Products from innovative and leading brands within nutrition rooted in scientific research

Superior Supply Chain

Superior Supply Chain with order accuracy of above 99,9%

World Class Customer Care

World Class Customer Care speaking English, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Danish

Marketing Support

Marketing Support to help you marketing our products

Heavy Marketing

Heavy Marketing Spending creating brand awareness

Warehousing solutions

Warehousing solutions to fit your business: YOU do or WE do

Growth Bonus

Growth Bonus giving higher bonus the higher the sale climbs up the ladder

Product & Business Training

Product & Business Training for in-depth knowledge of our products


Margin Guarantee

Margin Guarantee to the advertised retail price, even during campaigns to consumers

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Have our premium, scientifically validated products in your range.

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Earn commission when promoting our products.

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